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Summer School 2018 – Holiday lessons to keep your child on track.

Summer School 2018 – Holiday lessons to keep your child on track.

Summer Holiday Classes – help your child avoid summer learning loss!

We offer summer holiday classes in to help keep your child’s learning on track throughout August.

The long summer holidays are getting closer and children are looking forward to a well-earned break! Our children work really hard at school and do need a break. However, research shows that a prolonged break from school work can have negative effects. This is known as summer learning loss, or the “Summer Brain Drain”, and I have seen it myself in the classroom at the start of Autumn Term! I used to have a mixed year group so taught the same group of children for 2 consecutive years. It never ceased to amaze me how much pupils could forget over the summer holidays and how long it took them to return to the standard they were working at the previous July. Experts estimate that it takes around a month for children to make up for summer learning loss. This certainly ties in with my experience as a classroom teacher.

Summer holiday classes in Urmston
Avoid summer learning loss with classes at Impact Tuition Urmston.

How can summer learning loss be avoided?

There are lots of ways as a parent that you can help prevent this loss. Making sure your child keeps on reading is very important and many libraries (including those in Trafford and Manchester) run summer reading schemes with rewards linked to reading targets. I have done these with my children in the past and they can be very motivating for even quite reluctant readers.

Some research indicates that up to 2.6 months of maths learning can be lost over summer. Keeping on top of basic maths skills is important. There are a wealth of apps for phones and tablets which can provide regular practice in a way that children won’t reject outright!

Summer holiday classes

  • At Impact Tuition, we are open through August offering lessons for children to avoid this summer learning loss. We set targets and plan lessons based on pupils’ individual needs. We can:
  • Target areas of weakness highlighted in end of year school reports to help prepare for the next academic year.
  • Focus on reinforcing essential basic math facts, including times tables and written calculation strategies.
  • improve their understanding of key maths areas, like fractions and division.
  • Build confidence in writing by allowing them to develop their skills writing about their own interests.
  • Develop reading comprehension skills by working on the many different skills, such as inference and language choice, that are important for good understanding.
  • For children in Y5, we can help keep their 11+ preparation on track for the exam coming up in September.
  • Help SEN  pupils (including those with dyslexia and dyscalculia) develop strategies and allow for repetition and overlearning.

As qualified and experienced teachers, with a very wide range of specialist resources at our centre, we can plan a series of lessons to suit your child’s unique learning requirements.

Can we help?

You can book the number of lessons that suits your holiday arrangements. It does not have to be a weekly commitment. We have summer holiday classes on Wednesday afternoons/evenings and Thursday mornings throughout August. We also run Mock 11+ exams and 11+ workshops for Yr 5 pupils taking Trafford Grammar School Entrance Exams in September. Please see our events section for more details on these. All standard summer holiday classes cost £27.50 for an hour and twenty-minute session with discounts available for block bookings.

Please contact us by email for more details on Or ring Kelly (Lead Teacher) or Helen (Office Manager) on 0161 747 1819 for more details.

P.S. Unfortunately, standing in a field with balloons (as pictured)  isn’t one of our lessons. I just thought it was a nice summery picture – although it’s bad for the environment to release balloons so I am not endorsing it!

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