We can help give pupils with SEN the extra support they sometimes need. 

Getting the right SEN tuition can be difficult. We work successfully with many pupils with SEN, offering personalised, multi-sensory lessons that focus on each child’s weaker areas. It is easy for any child to feel a little overlooked in a class of 30 pupils competing for the attention of just one teacher. If your child has additional needs, this can lead to them struggling in some lessons and being at risk of falling behind.

At Impact Tuition we tutor children in small groups of no more than 3 or 4 and aim to boost a positive learning attitude as well as addressing gaps in learning. All of our qualified teachers have classroom experience, specialist training and know how to best support pupils requiring SEN tuition. Many children enjoy the support of working in a small group, where they have plenty of individual attention from the teacher but can also get on with their work without feeling like they are “under the spotlight”. As an independent tuition centre, owned and run by very experienced teachers, we have a wide range of resources and teaching strategies that we know work well.We don’t use a one-size-fits all approach, having the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure that each child is able to fill in gaps in learning, build confidence and make progress.


Dyslexia and Visual Stress

We specialise in teaching children with dyslexia and/or Visual Stress and have a range of effective, specialist resources. All of our teachers are experienced in the teaching of children with differing learning needs and will set realistic but challenging targets. We have tinted overlays and use Happy Eye tinted glasses in the centre to help our pupils with Visual Stress.


SEN tuition at Impact Tuition
multi-sensory learning


We are proud to have a fully inclusive ethos and have a wealth of experience teaching pupils with a range of Special Educational Needs. Our centre is very well set out and spacious so we are able to offer a great working environment for children who may prefer a more private working space or who may be easily distracted. We understand the differing needs of children with SEN and work with them and their families, using our knowledge of different learning styles and specialist resources to devise an effective personalised learning programme.

SEN tuition at Impact Tuition
hands on maths!


We are also experienced in teaching children with ADHD, ADD, ASD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia and working memory problems. Vanessa has specialist training in working with children in dyscalculia

Kelly is trained in diagnosing and treating Meares Irlen/Visual Stress Disorder. We stock a full range of coloured overlays and rulers in the centre. She is also currently training with the British Dyslexia Association for Level 5 Approved Teacher Status.

Useful Links

www.colour2c.co.uk a great website giving more information on Visual Stress/Meares-Irlen Syndrome.

http://www.traffordpypps.co.uk/parents-forum.aspx forum for parents of children with SEN in Trafford – practical and emotional support from parents who have experienced getting SEN children the help they need in Trafford schools

http://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/schools/special-educational-needs/parent-partnership-service.aspx – Trafford Parent Partnership offer practical support in dealing with schools from advising you on your rights to supporting you in meetings.

http://www.happyeye.co.uk/ stockist of affordable tinted glasses that help alleviate visual stress symptoms

Testimonials from the parents of pupils with SEN that we have worked with

“If your child has additional needs, this is the centre for your child. Kelly and her teachers are super-friendly and will help you through any problems you may have. ” Michelle (Kieran’s Mum)

“I recently received a lovely message from a parent whose child I taught in Y3 about 8 years ago to let me know how well her son was getting on at high school. He was a great boy who had real talents. It was great to hear about his successes and her comments were really touching! ”

“You may recall W had quite challenging behaviour and was diagnosed with ADHD . There are a couple of reasons behind me getting in touch. First and foremost I would like to thank you, for being 1 of only a few people in his life, that never gave up on him, you could see past the behaviour and realise just how much potential he has, instead of just commenting on his negative points. Thank you. ” SK”

“I would just like to say that you helped to make a massive difference in my daughters life. She is starting her final year at Urmston Grammar and was having probs reading and comprehending. After you tested her for VS and got her the green overlays she needed she read her first ever complete book and loved it. It has helped loads and I know we appreciate so thanks again xxx ” Suzanne Wood, Stretford

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