Practice Mock Entrance Exams at Impact Tuition Urmston: 2018

Here at Impact Tuition we offer a range of mock exams, available during Spring and Summer Term, or by private appointment.

Mock exams can help prepare your child in advance of their exam date by giving them the opportunity to test their skills under realistic exam conditions. As parents of children who have gone through the Trafford Entrance Exam system, as well as teachers, we understand how stressful these exams can be and do our best to make the mock exam as positive an experience as it can be. Our aim is that the exam is used in a constructive way to highlight areas needing improvement, as well as identifying aspects of exam strategy that need to be worked on.

Our exams can be tailored for GL or CEM requirements depending on the school of your choice.

We give full written feedback within 3 working days.

Our Mock Exam fee is £38

2018 dates

Saturday 20th May 12.45pm*

Saturday 24th June 12.45pm*

Sunday 16th July 9.30am*

We will also be running mock exams and 11+ workshops in August, alongside our popular Summer School classes. Dates to be confirmed soon.

Please ring 0161 747 1819 for more information or to book a place. Alternatively you can use the contact form to get in touch with us.

*Exams usually take around 2 – 3 hours, depending on exam type.

Booking Form

Please fill in the form below to book your mock exams.  Please ensure that you have chosen the correct exam papers in relation to the grammar school you are applying for.  If you are unsure, you can check by clicking on the following link to confirm which exams each Trafford Grammar School sets exams for: Trafford Grammar School Information

The cost of these mock exams is £38 which is payable on the day.

Your Name (required)

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Date of Exam (required)

Which type of exam do you wish your child to sit with us (Choose one only – we do not offer “combination” style mock exams) (required)
Trafford Consortium Schools (Durham University CEM exam)St Ambrose / Loreto (GL VR & English In-house MathsAltrincham Boys Grammar (GL Maths, VR & NVR)

Contact number (this must be a number on which we can contact you on during the exam, in case of emergency) (required)

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Does your child have any medical conditions or allergies that we need to be aware of? If yes, please give details

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We will send you an email to confirm your child’s place – if you do not receive an email within 3 working days, please ring us on 0161 747 1819 to make sure that we received your booking form.

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