Specialist Dyslexia Tuition

At Impact Tuition, we specialise in supporting pupils with differing learning needs, particularly those with dyslexia. We have a wide range of multi-sensory resources and teachers with extensive experience of working with pupils with specific reading and writing difficulties.  We work on boosting confidence as well as skills as this can often become a barrier to learning in its own right.

multi-sensory dyslexia tuition
multi-sensory learning at Impact Tuition

You can view our full range of reading assessments by clicking here.  We can also screen for dyslexia and identify problems which may be affecting your child’s learning.

Multi-sensory learning for dyslexia pupils

In our tuition, we do not follow a set programme, as experienced teachers we know that all children learn differently and that many children with reading, writing, or maths difficulties often have self-esteem issues which affect their learning. We have many resources specifically designed for pupils with dyslexia, dyscalculia and related difficulties. Children often need a variety of different approaches to help them, not just worksheets or computer activities similar to what they have already done at school. Here at Impact Tuition, we plan a weekly lesson specifically for your child and use a variety of multi-sensory resources to make their lesson engaging. We also allow for plenty of consolidation and repetition of skills so that pupils are able to retain what they have learned successfully.

alphabet arc to help dyslexic pupils
Phonological awareness can be an issue for may dyslexic children.

Dyslexia-friendly English GCSE tuition

English GCSE exams can be very challenging for pupils with dyslexia. We provide specialist tuition sessions to help with common difficulties such as revision techniques, essay structuring, text analysis and more. Our subject specialist English GCSE teacher, Eileen, breaks challenging tasks into small steps. She allows for lots of reinforcement and consolidation of key skills so that that pupils are able to “overlearn” and retain essential knowledge and skills.

Who can benefit from our specialist tuition?

We can help individuals who have reading and language difficulties, particularly those with dyslexia.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Difficulty with reading?
  • Spelling problems?
  • Writing difficulties?
  • Difficulty with comprehension and understanding?
  • Auditory processing issues?
  • Problems with memory and organisational abilities?
  • Low self esteem?
  • Avoiding tasks involving reading or writing?
  • Visual stress or Meares Irlen Syndrome?
  • Hearing problems in noisy environments?
  • Problems dealing with numbers?

We have a proven track record in helping individuals struggling with a range of problems like those listed above.

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