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11+ Entrance Exam Tuition for Trafford Grammar Schools

At Impact Tuition, we have a great deal of experience at preparing pupils for  Trafford & Manchester Grammar School Entrance Exams, both as teachers and parents. We have a wide range of teaching resources, based on both the Durham University CEM and the GL style exams, that take into account changes to the Trafford Entrance Exams in 2016.

What we teach.

We offer tuition in maths (including numerical reasoning), English (including comprehension and vocabulary skills that are so important in the CEM tests) Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and creative writing. All our 11+ pupils get free access to online testing materials. All materials required for homework and in tuition sessions are included in the price of tuition, making our Entrance Exam tuition package excellent value.

How we teach.

We offer structured and comprehensive small group sessions with 3 or 4 pupils in each group, allowing for plenty of one to one support as well as independent work and group activities. All of our Entrance Exam tuition is carried out by experienced, fully qualified teachers.

Our lessons are personalised to each individual pupil, NOT a group lesson where all pupils cover a set topic or follow a fixed programme of study or course.We believe that all pupils are individual with different strengths and weaknesses and, whilst there are aspects of the exams that all pupils need to cover, some need to spend more time on the parts of the exams that they find the most difficult.  Each lesson is created weekly for individual pupils, using assessment from previous lessons and homework, and is designed to meet their own unique learning needs.

Pupil well-being and confidence is important.

We aim to build confidence and minimise stress and anxiety with our tutoring. We are not an “exam factory” style tuition centre and keep each child’s wellbeing at the heart of their time with us. We know that sometimes even very bright children have a bad day and do not pass the exams. We put the emphasis on studying to prepare for the next stage of their education (Year 6 SATs and secondary school) so that each child has a sense of achievement and purpose.


Parental Support

We also aim to help support parents through the process by keeping you up to date with key dates and deadlines and offering practical support. As parents ourselves, we understand that sometimes it is a struggle to get your child to study!

Not sure if Grammar School is the right choice for your child?

We have found that strong Entrance Exam candidates share the following characteristics:

  • Children who pass the Entrance Exams are generally working above age-related expectations for their year group and in top ability groups at school.
  • They have a high reading age, usually significantly higher than their chronological age. They should also be keen readers with a wide and varied vocabulary.
  • They are self-motivated, hard-working and want to achieve well academically
  • They are willing to practise and readily complete their homework.

At Impact Tuition we are parents as well as teachers, we have been through the 11+ system with our own children as well as our pupils and will give you honest feedback on your child’s suitability following an assessment and throughout their time with us, should you choose to go ahead with tuition.



Parent testimonials for our 11+/ Entrance Exam tuition

Nathan always looks forward to his Tuesday session at Impact.  He finds the work stimulating and challenging but feels at home in the informal welcoming environment. Thanks to Kelly, who assisted his older brother to success in his Grammar School Entrance Exams in 2013.  I would (and have!) recommended Impact to other parents.

Mrs S Cunningham March 2015

“My daughter started with Kelly in November last year in preparation for the entrance exams in September 2013. With all the hard work and support Kelly had given her over the 10 months, she passed the four entrance exams she had taken. Excellent coaching with a friendly atmosphere , a big thanks.”
Mrs A Holbrook November 2013

“With the support from both Kelly and Claire my son passed the entrance exam for the school of his dreams…. the patience, tutoring and feedback at each session was exceptional ! We couldn’t have done it without you – a big thanks from one very happy boy(Alex o) & mum”
boy(Alex o) & mum October 2103

“My daughter started at your centre last October in preparation for her to take the entrance exams this September. She passed for Loreto the school she had set her heart on! We were ecstatic and it is all down to her and Kelly’s hard work. Thank you for everything you have done and Hannah will flourish now xx.”
Mrs. N. Bielby November 2013

Last minute 11+ tuition? We can help!

Although we recommend that pupils ideally begin to prepare for Entrance Exams at the beginning of Year 5, we can still support pupils who are starting their preparation at a later stage. Please do bear in mind that pupils starting later will need to put in a great deal of effort to cover the exam content and prepare sufficiently. This may require more than one lesson a week.

We offer online resources (included in tuition fees) and are open throughout August, offering 11+ workshops in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and Mock Exams.[

Enquire about 11+ by emailling [email protected]

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