Please read our list of frequently asked questions.

Do you do drop in sessions?

No we don’t – our lessons are planned specifically for each child by a designated teacher and we ensure a low pupil to teacher ratio so that each child has plenty of teaching time. We all know that our children become unsettled at school if they have a succession of supply teachers; we guarantee that your child has continuity with a designated teacher who really gets to know them and understands how they learn. This builds confidence and ensures effective learning. We do however have the flexibility to reschedule lessons if needed. We are parents ourselves and realise that sometimes parties, sickness and exciting after-school events happen!

Do we have to attend in school holidays?

If a child is preparing for exams that take place shortly after a school holiday (for example GCSEs after Whit or the Trafford Consortium CEM exams after the Summer holidays) then it is advisable for them to continue studying and we do offer holiday sessions. However, children do need a break – school is very demanding nowadays and time to recharge batteries and have quality family time is really important. At Impact Tuition we recognise this and generally take breaks in line with Trafford Schools, apart from the exceptions noted above.

Do we pay for missed lessons?

We do require you to pay for your weekly lesson but we guarantee to offer a catch up lesson as soon as possible to replace the lesson that was missed.

Do you provide homework?

Yes, our tuition fee includes all homework, both online and paper or book based.  The amount of homework varies and can be discussed with your designated teacher.

Do you take on pupils with SEN?

We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive centre and have successfully tutored children with a wide range of learning difficulties. Lead teacher Kelly specialises in supporting dyslexic pupils and is able to screen for dyslexia and visual stress. Please do call us to discuss your child’s requirements. We have a wide range of resources to specifically designed to allow for multi-sensory, structured learning.

Do all pupils in one group do the same lesson?

No – each pupil has a lesson planned especially for them, based on their learning needs. The teacher works with each pupil in turn allowing for one to one input and independent learning. Sometimes, if all pupils in one group have a similar learning goal, the teacher may give a group input but generally lessons are individualised.

Can you come to our house to do tuition sessions?

No, our centre is OFSTED registered and is a dedicated learning environment.  We  have a huge range of resources and can easily adapt our teaching if a difficulty arises during a lesson, or consult with a colleague if a parent asks something outside of our particular expertise. We feel that this provides a safe, secure and bespoke place to learn. It also enables you to drop your child off and get on with other things!

What are the benefits of small group tuition?

Our small groups are a maximum of four, and quite often just three, similarly aged children. Many people initially think of one to one tuition when they are looking for help for their child. Every child is different and whilst some thrive with one to one, many children find it too intense and can feel uncomfortable. Small group tuition allows all the proven benefits of working alongside other children but with the close guidance and input of an experienced teacher. Some pupils can become overly dependent on a one to one tutor and continue to struggle at school as they need constant reassurance and input. Small group tuition allows for both independent learning and the reassurance of guided learning: one of the comments we get the most often is how much children’s confidence grows whilst they are with us. Children often enjoy the camaraderie of working in a small group, particularly if they are working towards an exam, as they can share their experiences and know that they aren’t the only one having to work hard! Small group work can be more dynamic than one to one and children find the hour and twenty minutes passes very quickly. Many parents have told us that the friendships their children made whilst studying with us added an incentive for them to attend. One of most important elements of successful tuition is a good rapport between teacher and pupil and the pupil feeling comfortable in the tuition setting of choice . There are proven benefits to both types of tuition and it is really a matter of knowing your child and thinking about which method they would be most comfortable with.

Are you all qualified, DBS checked teachers?

Lead teacher and centre owner Kelly has been a fully qualified teacher for over 20 years and is currently studying to become a specialist dyslexia teacher with the British Dyslexia Association. All of our other teachers are also fully qualified and experienced in their subject specialisms. The majority of them still work in nearby schools. All of the teachers at Impact Tuition have enhanced DBS checks so you can be reassured that your child’s safety and well-being is paramount. If you are currently looking for a tutor, please don’t assume that anyone advertising their services as a tutor is in fact a teacher. Tuition in the UK is totally unregulated and, worryingly, there is very little to stop anyone describing themselves as a tutor. Do ask about teaching qualifications and DBS checks as it is better safe than sorry! We are happy to show you our DBS checks and teaching qualifications.


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