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Choosing a tutor can be a difficult decision; every child is different and every parent wants the best for them. At Impact Tuition we are all parents as well as experienced and qualified teachers and understand the needs of families that come to us. Don’t just take our word for it though – see what our parents say in these testimonials.

“I’d just like to say how happy I am with Youseff from your centre; he’s been tutoring my daughter for GCSE maths and he’s been brilliant. He’s focussed on her needs, targeting areas that need development and recognised that she lacks confidence so has really helped with that. She is benefitting so much and hopefully will pass if she does her revision!! Thank you so much and thank you to Youssef!”
Mrs I Murray
April 2018
“Just after the Christmas holidays it became apparent that my daughter in year 5 had suddenly lost her confidence in Maths and was struggling to keep up with the rest of the class.
Having met with Kelly before , I knew that she was a lovely lady so I approached her to see what the problem might be.
Kelly did a free assessment to establish what the issues might be. Kelly explained that in Year 5 as it is such a big jump from year 4 , it is quite common for children to lose their confidence.
She explained that my daughter did actually know the answers to the questions but was not sure that she was correct.
Kelly set about during the following weeks making the classes fun and informative for my daughter and bringing her confidence right back up. So much so that she was awarded the head teachers certificate for hard work in Maths and demonstrating a strong understanding.
My daughter looked forward to coming to IMPACT every week and the improvements we saw in my daughter happened in just a matter of weeks.
I would HIGHLY recommend IMPACT and would not hesitate to use again in the future.
Thank you Kelly”
GB- Apr 2018
“My son has been coming to this Education centre for a number of years now, mainly because school wasn’t challenging him enough and he needed more challenging work. He really enjoys coming here and working with the tutors.
From the age of 8, he was determined he wanted to go to a Grammar school, and with the help and support from all the staff here, he passed all his Entrance Exams and is now at our local Grammar school. I can’t thank Kelly and her staff enough.
I think my son will be here until he has completed his GCSEs as he chose to stay on even though he is now at Grammar – I don’t think they will be able to get rid of him!
Also if your child has additional needs, this is the centre for your child. Kelly and her teachers are super-friendly and will help you through any problems you may have.”
Michelle (Kieran’s Mum)
“After attending Impact Tuition for just 3 weeks, my son’s teacher called me in to school to tell me how much his attitude had changed within the classroom. She remarked that she had “never seen a change like it” and that other teaching staff and TA’s had also noticed.
Homework  began to be less of a struggle as Kelley’s confidence improved and he was willing to take on more challenging work. Thank you!”
Mrs S.

My son has dyscalculia and we found it a real mission to find anyone qualified to teach him and understand his difficulty.  Meanwhile his confidence was plummeting.  Kelly has been nothing short of a God send.  He has come such a long way and am astonished at his progress.  This has all been down to Kelly’s very hard work and dedication.  She is fantastic!

Mrs M January 2019

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