At Impact Tuition we specialise in supporting pupils with differing learning needs, particularly those with dyslexia. We have a wide range of resources and teachers with extensive experience of working with pupils with specific reading and writing difficulties. We also offer the unique dyslexia intervention programme, Cellfield.  You can view our full range of reading assessments by clicking here.

What is the Cellfield Dyslexia Programme?

Cellfield is a unique and sustainable treatment for dyslexia and other reading and language difficulties. Cellfield helps adults and children overcome dyslexia and other processing issues which hinder progress. Clients achieve average gains in reading age of over 2 years after just 2 weeks of treatment.

Who can benefit from Cellfield?

Cellfield can help individuals who have reading and language difficulties, particularly those with dyslexia.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Difficulty with reading?
  • Spelling problems?
  • Writing difficulties?
  • Difficulty with comprehension and understanding?
  • Auditory processing issues?
  • Problems with memory and organisational abilities?
  • Low self esteem?
  • Avoiding tasks involving reading or writing?
  • Visual stress or Meares Irlen Syndrome?
  • Hearing problems in noisy environments?
  • Problems dealing with numbers?

Cellfield has a proven track record in helping individuals struggling with a range of problems like those listed above.

How does Cellfield work?

Cellfield is an innovative computer-based treatment based on the science of brain plasticity and provided by University- trained professionals. It is a computer-based course which stimulates the brain on a multi-sensory level to bring about improvement in language processing. Research has long since identified the various skills needed for children to develop into fluent and efficient readers; neuroscience has also shown the areas of the brain that need to work together to facilitate reading skills. Cellfield is a software based programme which stimulates these parts of the brain and facilitates an improved reading fluency.

Phase 1 – ten 1 hour sessions completed over 2 weeks in the centre.

This phase is delivered via computer, supported by a university trained professional (Kelly or Claire at our centre) Visual, auditory and motor functions in the brain are stimulated and bonded. This develops and improves the functioning of the left side of the brain and facilitates more fluent reading.

Tinted or partially opaque glasses may be worn if needed.

Phase 2

This is a 10 week programme which is completed at home or a combination of home and centre-based reading; both oral and silent. This reading activity embeds the newly emerged reading skills acquired during Phase 1. This phase is crucial to the long term sustainability of the benefits of Cellfield .

See the Cellfield UK website for more details http://www.cellfielduk.com or ring us on 0161 747 1819.

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