GCSE Tuition

At Impact Tuition Centre Urmston we have specialist GCSE teachers who work with small groups in dedicated study rooms.

We are fully up to date with the new GCSE curriculum for Mathematics and English.

All of our GCSE teachers currently work in local high schools, so are fully up to date with the imminent changes to the GCSE exam syllabuses. Pupils entering Y10 in September 2015 will be the first to embark upon the demanding new English and Mathematics Linear (final exam only) GCSE syllabuses and our teachers are ready to help them prepare with expert teaching knowledge and up to date resources.

Vanessa is our lead maths teacher; she is fully qualified, experienced and currently works in a Trafford High school. She works with GCSE and KS3 pupils.

John is our other Mathematics & English KS3 and GCSE teacher. John also specialises in Humanities (Classic Civilisations & History) Citizenship, PE, Latin, RE and Business Studies.

Liz is our English GCSE and KS3 teacher; she is a very experienced, qualified teacher who also has a great deal of experience marking GCSE papers for major exam boards.

Olly is our Science teacher and teaches KS3, GCSE and A level Science.

We can ensure that older pupils are taught in age appropriate groups in separate rooms within our spacious premises.

We can teach other GCSE subjects on request.

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